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SMART Organisations

The V-100® offers the ultimate protection for your operations and employees

Masks are now a way of life for the foreseeable future,

and this is especially true in working life where responsible organisations are striving to ensure all emplyees wear masks to protect themselves and others from harm. But there is a problem – the type of mask being deployed.

“Disposable masks are unsustainable”

Organisations want to reduce the huge waste and impact on the environment caused by mask ‘littering’.

“Disposable masks do not offer enough protection”

Organisations understand that while disposable masks can offer some level of defence against infection, they don’t go far enough.

“Disposable masks are not cost effective”

Organisations know investing in disposable masks that end up in the bin is not an efficient use of already tight budgets.

Total Coronavirus Defence Solution

The V-100® addresses these three concerns directly – while offering several other key benefits for both the private and public sectors:

Safety first

Specifically engineered and built for professional grade protection against viruses, the V-100® mask is the safest ‘over the counter’ mask available to protect your employees from harm.

Boosted productivity

Protect your business from the immediate impact of an outbreak as well as the damaging effects to employee productivity caused by long Covid, which is now officially recognised as an occupational disease.


Our mask offers a greater return on investment, removing the need to buy huge volumes of disposable masks by replacing them with the cost effective, reusable V-100® mask.

Total compliance

The V-100® is a vital link in any Covid-secure strategy, designed to help you meet – and exceed – strict legal and statutory requirements as well as demonstrate your commitment to keeping your workforce safe.

Sustainable solution

The reusable V-100® can be washed up to 50 times while retaining its superb levels of protection, removing the huge wastage caused by disposable masks in a single stroke.

On brand

The V-100® mask can be branded with your organisation’s logo to ensure your brand identity is protected by employees requiring a uniform such as delivery drivers and restaurant workers.

Fully managed

Your V-100® mask procurement strategy can be discussed with EEP’s specialists who have extensive experience of creating Covid-secure protocols for reopening offices and public spaces after lockdown.


ISO 18184: 2019
EN 13034
ASTM F1670/1
ISO 16604
EN 20811

Combined, the V-100® and the EPP team offer a total coronavirus defence solution for your organisation, designed to protect your staff and your organisation’s health during this challenging COVID era.

The SMART Solution

Outside the military, no other filter or mask offers this level of protection to individuals

The case for replacing single use TYPE IIR masks with the V-100®:

Take responsibility - Reverse the Trend An organisation issuing face masks to 1,000 employees over a 100 working day period
TYPE IIR Single use mask V-100® mask (50 wash use cycle*)
Average daily use 3 masks per employee Average daily use 1 mask per employee**
300 masks per employee per 100 working days 3 masks per employee*** per 100 working days
300,000 masks issued per 100 working days 3,000 masks issued per 100 working days
1.5 tonnes of bio-hazard waste produced per 100 working days Mask waste reduced to almost zero
450 years required for safe decomposition Eco-friendly materials that can be repurposed
Not all masks are created equal. The V-100® mask is superior in its antiviral protection, sustainability and consumption when compared to the Type IIR mask. The V-100® mask is surprisingly cost effective too, please contact us and we will explain how you can take responsibility and reverse the trend.
  • * 50 washes without reducing viral eradication efficacy.
  • ** 98% of virus destroyed within 2 hours of contact with mask.
  • *** 2 masks for daily rotation, third mask held in reserve

Protect Your Workforce

Contact our specialist team to discuss how V-100® masks can be deployed across your organisation: