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SMART TechnologyFor the ultimate defence against viruses, size matters

Certain masks are more effective than others

Covid-19 has presented the most significant global health crisis. Ongoing research suggests coronaviruses range in size from 80-120 nanometres; a nanonmetre is one billionth of a metre.

Only masks that have been specifically designed to stop particles this small, will provide proven protection against viruses. The challenge is to make a mask that is affordable, effective and most importantly antiviral.

To address the COVID 19 threat, the V-100® mask offers:

  • Defence against airborne particles as small as 23nm thanks to its unique six-layer system
  • 99.93% protection against viruses compared with filtration rates of just 97% for FFP3/N100 masks
  • A ‘self-cleaning’ outer fabric that destroys 77% of viruses in 60 seconds and 90% within five minutes
  • A static-electric ‘charge’ that ensures the V-100® keeps protecting the wearer even when wet unlike other masks
  • A mechanical sieving system so breathing through the mask remains easy and unobstructed
  • A design that is fully machine washable at 60°C while retaining 98% of its anti-viral effectiveness.

SMART Design

The V-100 mask combines the ultimate in safety with a comfortable design:

Tapered sides that hold the mask snug against the face

Adjustable ear loops or headband that keep the mask in position

Wire nose bridge that maintains a tight seal and limits fogging

Sanitised thread that expands to ensure all seals remain secure

The SMART solution

Benefit from innovative British technology that protects the planet as well as people