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SMART Sustainability

We are committed to helping our customers safeguard the natural world from climate crisis

Sustainability at the heart...

As climate change gathers pace, we are committed to the circular economy through recycling, reducing waste and ethically sourcing all of our materials responsibly.

By designing, manufacturing and selling only reusable and sustainable products, we reduce landfill, prevent mask littering, and reduce our collective carbon footprint.

Our aim is to reverse the trend from disposable to reusable masks. The V-100® mask is the perfect choice for those who want to do their part to protect the environment.

Why is this approach more important now than ever?

It is estimated that 194 billion disposable masks and gloves are being used every month worldwide1

Most single-use masks are typically made up from plastics such as polypropylene, polyethylene and vinyl

These can take up to
450 years to fully break down if they end up in the sea2

Even when disposed of correctly, most PPE cannot be recycled because it is classified as medical waste

1 Ocean survey tracks rising plastic pollution | C&EN Global Enterprise (
2 wastefreeoceans | ABOUT

Disposable masks raise a serious threat to the environment and the future of the planet

How the V-100® Mask Helps Protect the Environment

Our innovative mask is designed to combat the environmental damage caused by single-use PPE:

Reusable product that can be washed up to 50 times

Fully recyclable mask and sustainably sourced packaging from sugar cane

Fabric remnants left over from the manufacturing process are currently repurposed for home furnishings

We're on a journey to recycle washed/sanitised V-100® masks into new yarns and fabrics for environmentally friendly products

The SMART solution

Benefit from innovative British technology that protects the planet as well as people